Dance and Choreography

Anna Bjella

Dance Reel – 2018

à l’envers – August 2018, In collaboration with Jo Davila

Iterations of Apocalypse – April 2018

A series of improvisational scores created by Anna Bjella, Julianna Lee Marino, and Sylvie Mayer in collaboration with the cast that explore how our movement can reveal what always already exists.

Remnants – I. (Pre/Ab)Sence II. All This To Say III. Essence IV. Cracks

Variously loose and tight improvisational scores to examine what it means to recreate memories through movement, and to feel the presence of a person, an interaction, a relationship, etc. long after it’s gone.

All This To Say

In a world where queer love is either surveilled or invisibilized, “All This To Say” explores ideas of reclamation, representation, and love and identity. While this was originally created as part of “Remnants,” this is an iteration of the piece created for a 4 ft x 4 ft stage and focuses explicitly on love.